Mandala TODO List



  1. Add MANIFEST into the Mandala jar file


  1. Generate scripts for DOS based platform (in bin, and in bin/rmi)


  1. Correct Javadoc comments (bad English, grammatical errors, ...)


Rewriting - updating

  1. Remove ThreadOp, ConstructorOp and MethodOp, use direct Serializable* wrapper classes, maybe customize the serialization only.
  2. Update the UDP implementation so it support large communication data, and it has better performance.
  3. Update the TCP implementation for performance improvements
  4. Update the jayac compiler so it can run asynchronously (using RAMI of course), and can be distributed (using JACOb of course).
  5. Write a new JayacFromSources which runs from sources and not only from classes.
  6. Create a mandala.jacob.remote.codebase property which prevent JACOb users to rely on the underlying protocol for the dynamic class loading mechanism.

New features

  1. Replace the 'CallbackManager' class into 'AsynchronousReference' by a 'Meta' class which contains meta-data such as the callback to use, the priority of the call, the key for the security (if available), and any other data which are not direct call() parameters but meta informations needed (or optional) to perform (to customize) the call().
  2. Add an UDP implementation based on java.nio (>= JDK 1.4)
  3. Add a TCP implementation based on (>= JDK 1.4)
  4. Add a Myrinet implementation of the JACOb framework.
  5. Add an HTTP implementation of the JACOb framework.
  6. Add a CORBA implementation of the JACOb framework.
  7. Add an SCI implementation of the JACOb framework.
  8. Add an SOAP implementation of the JACOb framework.
  9. Add an XML-RPC implementation of the JACOb framework.
  10. Add any other implementation you think good of the JACOb framework ;-)
  11. Add a GUI to JACOb. Objects may be inserted, removed dynamically from this GUI. When an object is clicked, a list of its method must appear, and any one of it may be invokable by a way to define (parameters ? Perhaps using a beanshell).
  12. Add services to JACOb: security is the major lack in JACOb, hence it is the priority. A design for services must be discussed. Should services be stored objects ? Should they be special objects ? Other services are monitoring, persistence, transaction, ...
  13. Write a compiler which transform each instantiation of a non-jaya class into a jaya-class instantiation; then write a code rewriter that replace method invocation into efficient asynchronous method invocation (needs a good code analyser!).
  14. Write an automatic objects mapper to map high communicant objects into the same remote active map in order to produce the best distributed objects oriented application (very hard to produce!).