Package mandala.jacob.remote.rmi

Direct RMI implementation of JACOb.


Class Summary
CommonRMIProperties Common properties used by any RMI server.
RegistryCreator Registry creator.
RMIActiveMap Java-RMI RemoteActiveMap implementation.
RMICancelable Java-RMI Cancelable implementation.
RMICollection Java-RMI Collection implementation.
RMICollectionImpl Java-RMI implementation of the RMICollection interface.
RMIDistributedFutureFactory This class implements the FutureFactory interface used by the AsynchronousReferenceImpl class and by the StoredObjectReference class.
RMIFutureFactoryWrapper This class wraps an instance of the FutureFactory interface in an RMI remote object.
RMIIterator Java-RMI Iterator implementation.
RMIIteratorImpl Java-RMI implementation of the RMIIterator interface.
RMIMap Java-RMI Map implementation.
RMIMap.RMIEntry Java-RMI Map.Entry implementation.
RMISet Java-RMI Set implementation.
RMISetImpl Java-RMI implementation of the RMICollection interface.
RMIThread Java-RMI RemoteThread implementation.

Package mandala.jacob.remote.rmi Description

Direct RMI implementation of JACOb.

Package Specification

This implementation provides a ServerRunner as specified in the GPF package, but it does not rely on it. Neither Exporter nor Client interfaces have an RMI implementation. The abstract classes Remote*Proxy provided by mandala.jacob.remote.gpf are unused.

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