Package mandala.util

This package is a util package for anything in Mandala.


Interface Summary
AccessibleObjectOp Interface for the AccessibleObject class.
Cancelable Interface for Cancelable operation.
ConstructorOp Interface for the Constructor class.
ExceptionHandler Generic interface for Exception Handler.
MethodOp Interface for the Method class.
SingletonGiver.Factory Interface that define how singleton are created.
ThreadOp Interface for the Thread class.

Class Summary
EmptyExceptionHandler Empty implementation of the ExceptionHandler interface.
ExceptionHandler.RejectExceptionHandling Convenient class used to mean that an exception raised has not been handled by an ExceptionHandler instance.
HTTPServer Small Web server.
Misc Miscellaneous class.
SerializableConstructor This class is the clone of java.lang.reflect.Constructor.
SerializableMethod This class is the clone of java.lang.reflect.Method.
SingletonGiver This class provides a general purpose singleton implementation.
Syslog This class provide a centralized point for logging in a program.
SyslogExceptionHandler This implementation of the ExceptionHandler interface is intended for debugging purpose.
ThreadBarrier Instance of this class are barrier for a specified number of threads.
ThreadPool Threads pool implementation.
WeakValuesMap A map implementation with weak values.

Exception Summary
ExceptionHandler.UnHandledException Generic class allowing any exception to be thrown and wrapped in a new RuntimeException one.
TimedOutException Exception thrown when an operation timed out.

Package mandala.util Description

This package is a util package for anything in Mandala.

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